Optimize Your Parcel Shipping Budget

Optimize your shipping process by reducing your budget to urgently ship cheap packages nationwide in Spain with the EBEP Express monthly plans . All your packages are ahipped and delivered next day in 24 hours throughout the peninsula and 48/72 hours in the Canary Islands, Balearic Islands, Ceuta and Melilla. EbepExpress guarantees collection and deliveries wherever you want at the best market price with its cheap parcel services.


Your Cheap Parcel Shipping Plans Include The Following Services and Benefits ...


The cheapest parcel service company nationwide and will continue to be so


All your express shipments are delivered no later than 24 hours before 7:00 p.m.


Enjoy the cheapest prices without contract or permanence clauses and cancel whenever you want


We collect all your shipments in the place where you indicate us at the time you indicate


Our cheap shipping services is available 24 hours through our website


Our services allow you to request all your collections from the comfort of your home, mobile, tablet and computer


Our cheap shipping services in Spain are essentially online and very easy to handle. Try it now.


EbepExpress follows the line of its predecessors: providing the best customer service for all who prefer us and those who do not

Questions & Answers

About us?

Nature of EBEP Express | EbepEx | EbepExpress.com

EBEP Express: Cheap Express Shipping for Individuals in Spain is the first cheap parcel company to send cheap and urgent packages nationwide without having to go to an office. EBEP Express allows you to make your cheap shipments in Spain from the comfort of your home, mobile, tablet and computer with our home collection services.

Can I Ship Without A Plan?

Cheap shipping without EBEP Express plans | EbepEx | EbepExpress.com

Yes. In EBEP Express, you can make your shipments without having a plan. Especially if you only plan to send 1 to 3 packages a month. In this case, the price is still the cheapest on the market but relatively more expensive than if you had a plan. Our cheap express shipments range from 6.99 onwards depending on the weight of the item.

Why do I need a plan?

Need for an EBEP Express plan | EbepEx | EbepExpress.com

EBEP Express plans are designed for all individuals and companies that have a considerable volume of shipments of between 10 to 50 shipments per month who are looking for a cheap rate and without the need to have commitments with other shipping companies. EBEP Express puts at your disposal all the possible tools to be able to make your collections and shipments at the best price.

Is there any contract to sign?

EBEP Express | EbepEx | EbepExpress.com without permanence commitments

No. The EbepEx Cheap Shipping plans have NO permanence clauses and can be canceled at any time without the need to notify us. In case you want a better rate or have a volume of shipments greater than what we offer you, please contact us.

What are the benefits of having a plan?

The benefits of EBEP Express plans | EbepEx | EbepExpress.com

Having a plan has multiple benefits for our clients, of which we mention the following:

  1. Cheaper and more competitive prices

  2. You send how many packages you want within your plan without worry

  3. Pick up wherever you want

  4. Deliveries in 24 hours before 7:00 p.m.

  5. Scheduled deliveries *

  6. Express deliveries Saturday *

  7. Priority customer service and support

100% guaranteed and return in case of NO satisfaction

100% secure and encrypted payment with 256-bit SSL encryption technology

Cheap Express Shipping with delivery in 24 hours guaranteed throughout the peninsula.

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