Pickups & Shipping tips

Take advantage of the latest practical tips for a seamless pickup and delivery experience. Arrange a one-time shipment pickup, and we’ll send a FedEx courier to your location. You can schedule a pickup filling this application


  •   Make the list of the items you need to send to your friend, family or just to the office

  • Pack it in an envelope or box that best suits

  • Write the sender's (you) and the recipient's data

  • Request the pickup at the address where the package is to be collected

  • We receive your request and we will pick up your package

  • Save the pickup number


For the collection,

  • Always make sure that someone is available at the time of collection

  • Our staff will collect the package according to what is best for you.


  • With the collection / shipping number, you can track your package in real time

  • Anything or doubt, do not hesitate to call us


  •   The delivery will always be made according to the modality you choose: 10-12: 00, 14:00 and 19:00

  • Any incident, you get in touch with us