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EBEP Express | Cheap Shipping in Spain for Individuals

EBEP Express is the ideal company for cheap express packages shipping in Spain for individuals . If you are a natural person, that is, you are not a company, and you are looking for cheap shipping company in the peninsula, this is the shipping service you need.


EBEP Express is designed to meet the needs of many people like you who do not have the means to pay a lot of money to ship single urgent parcels and packages when you can send them for less.


The express package delivery service does not have to be expensive. At EBEP Express, we have thought in your pocket and of offering you the best experience Chipping Express Packages in Spain for Individuals with collection and next day delivery services in the peninsula and up to 72 hours in the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla.


Enjoy cheap shipping for individuals at the best price with EBEP Express and take advantage of great services and the best guarantees we offer.


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The EBEP Express Service Guarantee

EBEP Express has the best guarantee for Cheap Express Shipping in Spain for Individuals with shipments throughout the peninsular national territory and the islands.


Lower prices

  • Compared to private courier companies, it is the cheapest service for express parcel shipments in Spain. EBEP Express services cost from € 7.99 including VAT for packages up to 1.00 kilogram.


Availability 24/7

  • With our online self-service and collection request system, you can request your collections 24 hours a day.


Multichannel communication

  • Why should such an essential service be so complicated to acquire? In EBEP Express you have all the forms of communication: Telephone, Post, WhatsApp and Self Service and all these services are immediate.


Better customer service

  • Customer service is something that Ebep Express takes very seriously. We are obsessed with our clients because every day we seek the best to satisfy all their needs.


Self Service

  • It is the first national parcel company that allows you to plan your pickups and deliveries without having to go to an office in queues of up to 15-30 minutes.


Pick up at your home

  • All shipping parcel companies in Spain want you to go personally to their office to send your packages or you have to call to schedule it. At EBEP Express, you can do it yourself.


Delivery in 12-24 hours

  • With EBEP Express services you have the option to send your packages as quickly as possible with scheduled delivery. Delivery in 24 hours in the peninsula and 48-72 hours in the Canary Islands, Balearic Islands, Ceuta and Melilla.